Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - GENERAL
Can we have a garage or yard sale?  When can we have one? 
Per our Covenants, the owner of each unit may hold two (2) garage/yard sales or similar sales per calendar year.  The sales must take place over a weekend and may not last more than three (3) consecutive days.

The homeowner may also participate in the community-wide yard sale sponsored by the Association. The community-wide sale is held every other year on even numbered years (e.g. 2014, 2016...).
If you are planning a sale, please notify the Front Gate (941-423-6750) in advance. 
I have visitors or a contractor coming to my home. Do I need to notify the gate?
Yes. Notify the Front Gate (941-423-6750).
Does the HOA maintain a list of residents and phone numbers?
Yes. The HOA maintains a Resident Directory database on this website. To view and print the Directory, click Resident Directory.
Note:  To access the Resident Directory on this website, you must have a Bobcat Trail HOA website password.

Why do I need a password for the Bobcat Trail HOA website?  How do I get a password?

A Bobcat Trail HOA website password provides admission to important information:
  • Access to the Resident Directory  
  • Resident Directory Inclusion
  • Blast Email Inclusion
To obtain a website password, you must be a Bobcat unit homeowner or lessee.

You can request a password by clicking Bobcat Website Password Request.  This link will display a Password Management page.  Follow the instructions on the Password Managment page.

All password requests are verified to insure that the requestor is a Bobcat unit homeowner or lessee.  Upon verification, you will receive an email with your password.  The process usually take several business days.

How do I get my name on the Resident Directory?
Complete a Bobcat Trail Homeowner Information Form and submit the form to Advanced Management Incorporated (AMI - our management company), or (better) deposit the form in the white mailbox labeled “HOA and ACC Communications” located just before front gate exit. 

To view/print the form, click Bobcat Trail Homeowner Information Form.  
What is the blast email list? How do I get on it?
Blast emails are sent out by the Board of Directors (usually the President) to communicate immediate and/or important information to residents.

When you request and receive a Bobcat Trail website password, you will automatically be placed on the blast email list. Alternatively, you can get on the blast email list by submitting a Bobcat Trail Homeowner Information Form (see above).

What is the schedule for garbage pick-up in Bobcat Trail?

Wednesday is garbage pick-up day in Bobcat Trail.  Automated Garbage Containers (large and green), recycle bins, and landscaping debris may be placed on the street after 4:00 PM on Tuesday.  All garbage containers and recycle bins must be returned to proper storage by 10:00 PM on Wednesday.

Proper storage means that all garbage containers are placed in a manner so they are not visible from the street, golf course, or a neighbor’s home.  Storage in the garage is preferred.

What are the City of North Port garbage pick-up requirements?

A list of Garbage Guidelines has been published by the City of North Port.  Some of these guidelines are:  

  • One Sided Collection is implemented on some Bobcat streets.  You might need to place your Automatic Garbage Container across the street from your house for collection or your neighbors might need to place their Automatic Garbage Containers on your side of the street.  There seems to be no rule of thumb, but check where your neighbors place their garbage containers.  If you are still uncertain, contact the City.
  • One Sided Collection does not apply to yard waste and recycle bins.  These items should be placed in front of your house.
  • Yard waste, such as trimmed tree limbs or palm fronds, must be bound in four-foot long bundles.  Otherwise, City workers might not remove the yard waste. 

To view the published guidelines on the City of North Port website, click City of North Port Garbage Guidelines.

I’m new to Bobcat Trail. I understand there is a Welcome Committee, but I have not heard from them. How do I get in contact with them?
Click Welcome Committee to learn more.
Whom do I contact if I can’t find answers on the website?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - ACC

When do I need to apply to the ACC for permission to make an exterior architectural or landscaping change?
An application should be submitted to the ACC for every significant exterior project or change such as painting the house, installing a well, or removing a tree. When in doubt, always submit an application.  See the ACC Guidelines for more detail.
Where can I get a Request for Architectural Approval form?  What do I do with the form when it is completed?
To review and print a copy of the ACC Request form, click Request for Architectural Approval Form.

When the Request is completed, submit a copy to any ACC Committee member; or send the form to AMI (the Bobcat Trail management company); or (better) deposit the form in the white mailbox labeled “HOA and ACC Communications” located just before front gate exit.   
I want to repaint my house. Where can I obtain a list of approved colors?
The approved paint palettes are given in Enclosures 1 and 2 of the ACC Guidelines.
I’ve heard that someone will replace my light bulb on my front yard light if necessary. How does that work?
The HOA has a contract with a company to check light bulbs monthly and to replace burnt out bulbs for all homes other than the Villas. If replacement of the bulb does not result in an operable light, the homeowner must take measures to repair the light.
When can I put up my hurricane shutters?
Approved storm shutters may be put up on June 1 and must be removed by December 1.  For more information, click Storm Protection Policy.

Can I park my RV or trailer in my driveway or in the street?
Yes, but only for loading and unloading. RV’s and trailers may not be parked overnight in the driveway or on the street.
Am I responsible for maintaining the area between the sidewalk and street?  How about between the edge of my property to the lake or golf course?
The short answer is yes and yes.
Am I responsible for cleaning my sidewalk and street gutters?
No, although the HOA encourages homeowners to do so. You are responsible for maintaining and cleaning your driveway to the sidewalk.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - GOVERNANCE
What documents govern Bobcat Trail? Where can I find use restrictions and other guidelines that a homeowner must adhere to?
Click Governing Documents.
Who is AMI?  What do they do?  What is my "Personal Account"? 
Advanced Management Incorporated (AMI) is the Bobcat HOA management company. The company handles various administrative duties for the HOA including the maintenance of individual HOA unit owner accounting records on their website.

Unit owners can view their Personal Account on the AMI website.  For more information, click AMI.

Please note:  AMI requires a separate usercode/password to access your Personal Account.  The usercode/password that is used to access the Resident Directory on the Bobcat HOA website will not work on the AMI website.  When you go to the AMI website, follow the AMI "Client Login" instructions.  
How will I know when my annual Bobcat Trail HOA fees are due? How can I pay them?
The HOA Annual Assessment is due 1 January.  An Annual Assessment notification letter from our management company is sent to the homeowner at least 30 days before the annual fee is due.  The amount due and instructions for payment will be included in the notification letter.  For more information, click Collection Policy

The Annual Assessment amount is determined by the budgeting process.  A draft budget is submitted to the Board in September.  The Board usually approves the budget in October.  Annual Assessment notification letters are generally sent to homeowners in November. 

Fees due for the Fairway Commons and the Villas HOA’s are handled separately from the master HOA fees.

Where are meeting notices posted/announced?
Notices for HOA Board meetings and HOA Committee meetings are posted on the bulletin board located at the community swimming pool and, by law, must be posted at least 48 hrs in advance of the meeting.  Meeting Notices are also posted on this website - click Notice of Meetings for more detail.
What do I need to do to vote at the HOA annual meeting?
First, you must be a homeowner in Bobcat Trail.  Second, you must have a Voting Certificate on record with AMI (the HOA management company) designating you as the single voter for your unit.  Each residence/unit has one vote.  Click Resident Voter Registration Form to review and print the form.
What is the CDD?  What is its relationship to the Bobcat Trail HOA?
The Community District Development(CDD) was created in 1991 by the Sarasota County Commission.  To learn more about the CDD and its relationship to the Bobcat Trail HOA, click CDD.




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